Frequently Asked Questions


Indeed, this is the authorized streaming platform which initially debuted in the year 2016. The license to provide digital television program service under Part I of the Broadcasting Act 1996 was granted to IPMODE© upon submitting an application that complied with Section 18 of the aforementioned act.

IPTVTrends Provides around 19000+ live TV channels from the world in local and international languages. Instead of this, a user will also get 40,000 to 60,000+ VODS including TV Series, Movies, Dramas and so on.

IPMODE© provides the option for users to stream content on multiple devices, but only if they have subscribed to the addon connections plan.

We will initiate the activation of your order within a maximum of 10 minutes, and the corresponding credentials will be transmitted to you through electronic mail or Whatsapp. It is important to note that during high-volume periods, particularly over weekends, the processing time may vary and could range from 30 to 40 minutes.

We are accepting Paypal, Credit Card  payment only right now.

We are not contracting with anyone and you are completely free to cancel our service at any time. Once you cancelled the service you won’t be charged and the service will be ended automatically at the time when you purchase it.

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